Getting Burial Insurance With COPD

If you are seeing this article, then you no doubt know how difficult it can be to get burial coverage when dealing with COPD. The best part about it is, it doesn’t have to be! 

What if I told you that getting this coverage even with COPD is a walk in the park? 

More importantly, what if I told you that you could be covered from day one with no waiting period? That would be amazing right? I sure think so. 

That’s what I will be covering in this article. Let’s get started! 

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First Things First

It is so important to know that you absolutely have the ability to get burial insurance even with having COPD. 

I talk to people daily that struggle with this disease, and the unfortunate truth is they have been lied to! 

They have talked to the wrong insurance agent that told them they would not be able to get any coverage. While they may not be able to get covered with that particular agent, that does not mean they couldn’t get it elsewhere. 

That is one of my favorite parts of being an Independent Broker. I am able to help people that your every day insurance agents can’t. Including those wonderful clients with COPD. I have helped numerous individuals that have COPD, even those on oxygen! 

So above all, just know that you can qualify for burial insurance coverage. 

How Much Coverage Can I Get with COPD?

The answer to this question is very simple. As much as you want! Burial Coverage typically ranges from amounts of $1,000 to $40,000 sometimes $50,000.

If you require more, sometimes we can even stack policies to get you more coverage. That’s right, there is no limit to how much burial insurance you can have! Pretty awesome right? 

When you are deciding how much coverage to get, it is important to talk with a trusted broker like myself at in order to determine how much you need. It really falls down to a couple of questions: 

  • What are your final wishes? Burial or Cremation?
  • What is the goal of having your burial policy besides paying for your funeral (If Any)
  • How many beneficiaries do you want to have?

Those three questions tell me a lot about my clients goals and needs, so that allows me to help come up with a good amount of coverage to show them. 

For example, someone that is only wanting a cremation with no service or visitation does not need $35,000 in coverage.


Unless they want to leave behind a gift for their loved ones. 

That example alone shows that determining your coverage amount should not be taken lightly!

What Kind Of Coverage Can I Get?

This is a more difficult question to answer. The best way to find out what kind of coverage you can get is to reach out to us either by getting a quote here, or sending me an email or phone call! 

There are basically 4 types of coverage that people can get with burial insurance, and I actually talk about them in a few articles that you can check out by clicking here

The four types are

  1. Level
  2. Modified
  3. Graded
  4. Guarantee Issue

These different types represent what kind of burial insurance you can get. 


If you qualify for level coverage, you qualify for day one coverage. Meaning if something were to happen to you the day your policy goes into effect, you are covered completely. No questions asked. 

The cool thing is even with COPD, you can qualify with one of my absolute favorite Insurance companies of all time, CVS, for “standard” coverage. 

So what is standard? It is still day one coverage! That’s incredible right? 

This is for my COPD clients who are not currently using oxygen, but still have the diagnosis of having the disease. So if that is you, we need to talk ASAP. 


Modified coverage is still great for clients with COPD! It is not day one coverage, there is a waiting period. 

The good news is the waiting period is only sometimes 12-24 months! So unless you plan on passing away in the next year or two, you are good to go with a policy that will work wonders for your family. 

I typically do not find many of my COPD clients getting a modified policy. I will explain when I talk about the next type!


Graded is a great option for my clients with COPD. 

If for some reason I can’t get them approved with CVS for day one coverage, my next move is to go to another top carrier of mine, Prosperity, and go for their graded policy. 

I am convinced that Prosperity has the absolute best graded policy in the business. It does have a waiting period, but that doesn’t mean the beneficiary won’t get anything if you were to pass away. It just means they wouldn’t get the full amount. 

This is a great option for those whose COPD is a little farther along than others!

Guarantee Issue

Lastly, Guarantee issue policies are for my COPD clients who have progressed to the last stages. When they are on oxygen or are taking a few different inhalers, we start to look at guarantee issue policies. 

This type of policy guarantees that the client has no chance of getting denied. In fact, the health questions pretty much go away on the application. 

These policies are great, but they are definitely my last go to when I have a COPD client. I personally believe that most of the time, if I do my job, I can get a COPD client better coverage. Not always, but most of the time. 

How Much Will It Cost

This is probably the number one question that I get in my day to day life. There is no definite answer, because each client is different. Their needs, wants, and goals are all different and no two clients are the same. 

The best way to find out how much it will cost is to get a quote on the right side of this screen! This will give you an idea of price, and then I can get involved and find you the best option out there for your specific needs. 


To wrap this up, the main takeaway I pray you take with you is that you CAN get coverage even with having COPD. Even if you are on oxygen. You can get it. Without a doubt. 

Don’t let what you’ve been told previously prevent you from getting the coverage you deserve and that your family deserves. 

I would hate to see your family on GoFundMe because someone told you wrong and said you couldn’t get coverage because you have COPD. Don’t let that happen! 

Feel free to get in touch with me by leaving a comment below or sending me an email! 

God Bless